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LED Refrigerated Cooler Lighting

GE Lumination has launched a new LED cooler lighting product designed to retrofit existing fluorescent cooler lighting systems. US Lamp has recently been brought on board as an authorized distributor with GE Lumination. This product continues to develop and GE Lumination will be launching additional lengths to replace fluorescent lighting in a variety of coolers like point-of-purchase (POP) beverage displays. As we keep up with this technology, we will be posting the information in this section. In the meantime, please browse through to learn more on how this product can significantly reduce your cooler lighting costs.

System Benefits vs. Fluorscent

-Rated life of 50,000 hrs. vs. 12,000hrs. for most fluorescent systems
-Energy savings both on system side and heat load reduction
-Better controllability through sensing and/or dimming technology
-Better product visibility through reduced glare and compact design
-More environmentally friendly with no UV, no infrared, and no mercury

LED Product Literature

Product Brochure
Wal-Mart Press Release

US Lamp has a variety of economic tools that we can use to help you evalutate an LED system. We will develop a savings and return on investment scenario for you based on your existing fluorescent technology and maintenance costs. To have a representative from US Lamp develop one for you, free of charge, no obligation, please contact us.

LED Cooler

Current Retrofit Products Available

60" Center and End Units
-Replaces F60T10, F60T12, and F58T8 systems

72" Center and End Units
-Replaces F72T12 systems



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